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In the name of Jesus Christ, welcome to the online home of the West Section of St Austell Methodist Circuit in the Cornwall District. In many ways we are no different from any other part of the country, yet, in others the St Austell Circuit is very different with its diverse range of villages, hamlets and town.

With all its challenges the St Austell Circuit continue to seek a way forward through prayer and constantly pondering how we can best bring the kingdom of God to the people of St Austell and surrounding villages as Methodists and with our ecumenical brothers and sisters in Christ.

Many small village chapels struggle for their existance and it never ceases to amaze me how God enables them to keep on going with so little money and so few members. Maybe it’s their heart being  focused on keeping the reality of God visible in their locale that allows his Spirit to move in ways we should but rarely do expect.

We have been encouraged over the past twelve months as all of the churches in our Circuit have really engaged with looking forward as to how the Circuit will look in future years. At our latest Circuit Meeting Rev Sheila MacInally led our worship, with each of the Circuit’s Ministers praying for their own churches as candles were lit by Circuit Meeting Secretary, Anne Keast. circuit cross

The photo was taken by Mr Dan Balsdon. This act of worship was followed by Holy Communion – and wow! What a way to start a Circuit Meeting as many commented afterward it was one of the best Circuit Meetings for a very long time.

In these pages you will find out what is going on in the West section of the Circuit in words and pictures. As well as the churches you will find an Inspirational section which so far only has the work of Joan Watson, who gladly gives permission for you to use any of her work for personal or public worship. If any of you would like to add your meditations, prayers or poems, please use the contact form to email them to Joan.


Book (a few copies still available)

Cry of the Heart‘  is a book of modern day book Psalms and was written by Rev. Joan Watson. Just last week I received a phone call from a gentleman whose mother-in-law had given a copy of my book. He shared with me how much of a struggle life was for him at the moment. He went on to tell me how some of my poems/meditations had resonated with him in his situation and he was challenged to seek God.

This man has not been to church for years and through reading some of the contents of Cry of the Heart he went to see the pastor of his local Baptist Church and through the book and a conversation with a pastor he is now going to go to his local Baptist church regularly and has committed his life to Christ.

Alleluia! What a Saviour!

We do not have to bash Bibles on people’s heads or try to convert them to our way of thinking, the only job we are called to do is sow the seed – and we can do that in so many ways

Each piece was written for a specific purpose and each piece was inspired by circumstance, some good, some bad, some joyful and some sad. They really are cries from the heart. If you look on the inspirations page you will find some of the pieces there.

I do not want to make any money from the sales as I have already been blessed in the writing of them, therefore all profits will go to charity, Mount Edgcumbe Hospice will receive the largest share, with the money going to buy cyclonic fans which have no blades, thus making them easier to clean. The book is £5 and is available from SACREd Place in St Austell or contact me

Cry of the Heart

I have to say that I am delighted with the quality of the book and the service of the printers whose details I place here in case any of you are inspired to print your hearts cry.I dealt with a gentleman called  Stephen Swiffen, the printers are called Printdomain and their telephone number is: 01709 892367.

They do not only print books ~ but print Calendars, Greeting Cards, Raffle Tickets, Event Tickets and a great deal more, whatever you need they would probably print it. Nothing was too much trouble, everything was done electronically and very swiftly once the proofing had been done (and yes, they did that too!)

I praise God for a number of things, first and foremost that he gave me the inspiration and ability to put my thoughts and cries down on paper,

secondly: that others find them inspiring and helpful also

and finally that he led me to the right printer who was prepared to go the extra mile without ripping me off.

This is all done to the glory of God. Praise His name. There are only a limited number of copies left – e mail me if you cannot get  one from SACREd Place Christian Book Shop in St Austell

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