Aquarius Season Is Begging for You to Shake Things Up (2024)

With Aquarius season upon us from January 20 through February 18, our resident astrologer Chani Nicholas offers a horoscope for each zodiac sign.

Aquarius Season begins with a bang. The New Moon on January 24th asks us to make a change, embrace a little discord, or be part of a larger cultural shift. This is loud astrology that asks us to do our part by refusing to remain silent about the things that need our voice, actions, and energy. Unpredictable, exciting, and demanding, this astrology is like a metaphorical earthquake. Shaking up what has grown stagnant, it encourages us to make a break with our bad habits. However, because this moment has a flair for the rebellious, you’ll need to make sure that when you buck a system you have good cause to do so. The New Moon in Aquarius is a time to do away with playing it small, but it’s no time to be reckless. Being intellectually thorough is the way Aquarius rolls.

Unpredictable, exciting, and demanding, this astrology is like a metaphorical earthquake.

The Full Moon in Leo on February 8th is a dramatic, romantic, and entertaining moment in the month. Full moons are known for their ability to magnify a moment, and this one does so with a little flair for the theatrical. Passion is paramount and living out loud is encouraged. This Full Moon wants to be our Valentine.

On February 16th, at the end of Aquarius Season, Mercury stations retrograde offering us an invitation to reflect on our communications, our direction, and our intention. Mercury will be retrograde until March 9th. This is a three week period that will help you to refine, edit, and rework a specific area of your life. Remember to never fear Mercury retrograde or blame everything on it, it is simply here to point out where and when our communications are going awry and to help us be more mindful of how we engage with the world.

Read below to see exactly how this astrology will impact your sign (make sure to read your rising sign, too, if you know it).


The New Moon encourages you to hang out with your more rebellious friends. You are in need of some exciting and rule-breaking company, just make sure that you are willing to pay the price if you get caught. Come mid-February, Mercury retrograde will have you sorting through your closets, basem*nts, and attics, metaphorical or literal. This is the perfect time to tune into all the behind the scenes activity in your life and make sure that your inner cogs are well-oiled and working as needed.


Aquarius Season asks you to take risks in your professional life. Change is needed, but make sure that you are investing in thoughtful disruption. This is the perfect time to make a splash in your career, but it’s not the best time to assume everything is going to work out as expected. Assume that there will be a little chaos and you won’t be thrown off course.


You need a fresh start. A break from tradition. A new horizon to venture towards. The New Moon on January 24th offers you such opportunities but they may come to you in unexpected and startling ways. Question what you value and hold to be true. Be willing to look at your journey and trajectory with a fresh perspective and you’ll get to a much more authentic set of goals. Mercury retrograde will have you rethinking some aspects of your career by mid February. Again, don’t be afraid to think about what you do and how you do it in a different way. Staying stuck in old paradigms isn’t cute and this moment wants you gorgeous.


You are looking at all the ways in which you partner with people. How you collaborate is the difference between making the most of your assets or a wasted opportunity. Strategize with your partners on how to do things in the most unconventional way possible. Think outside the box and you’ll get to the pots of gold that others don’t even believe exist.


With the Full Moon in Leo on February 8th, you set the stage of your life ablaze. This is a perfect moment to remind yourself that it’s up to you to take up the space that is waiting for you to claim it. Doing so not only reminds you of your agency, creative energy, and power, but it also encourages others to do the same in their own way and in their own life. Since most of Aquarius Season focuses on your relationships and the changes they are undergoing, the Full Moon is a necessary reminder to let your light shine.


Aquarius Season asks you to reinvent the way that you tend to the tasks of your day-to-day work-life. Changes are needed and the more proactive you are in facilitating them, the less likely you are to feel at the whim of them. Whatever is no longer relevant needs to be re-worked, edited, and revised. This is also true of your committed partnerships. Mercury’s next retrograde wants you to review the agreements that you have made with others and make sure your heart is still in them.


The New Moon in Aquarius wants you to leave more space for joy in your life. In order to do so you’ll need to get experimental. This is a time to try out new modalities, new hobbies, and new jokes on your friends. The Full Moon on February 8th encourages you to hang with your besties and focus on having fun. Love comes in a million different forms, make sure to celebrate the perfect platonic romances that light up your life.


It’s time to rearrange your furniture, declutter your decor, and make more space for yourself at home. Your rooms need a little reinvention. Add some color where it’s lacking, some organization where there is clutter, and some love where none exists. Create a sanctuary for yourself that awakens your senses, stirs your creative energy, and helps you to feel witnessed. The Full Moon on February 8th lights up your career and all the efforts you have put into it recently. Celebration is on the agenda. Awards and accolades are around the corner. Parties will be prominent so make sure that when you open the door to your abode, its mantles are well polished for your awards.


It’s time to risk telling the truth. You are being asked to get loud when delivering your messages and insistent on being heard. There are many that will willfully ignore you, but you don’t have to follow suit. Knowing what to be adamant about and what to let roll off your back becomes the recipe for your success right now. The Full Moon in Leo on February 8th celebrates the long-term accomplishments recently made. Soak up the success.


After an intense start to the new year, you are most likely marveling at how much you have accomplished and how much energy and resources it took to do so. Aquarius Season underscores the changes that you are undergoing in your professional and financial life, reminding you not to get too attached to the way things are working or the way you think they should. Innovation is required and if you are focused on how things used to work you’ll miss out on the ways in which they could work for you and with you now.


'Tis your Season, Aquarius! The fresh start you are being asked to make is unmistakable. Nothing but the truth will satisfy you and nothing but being honest with yourself will get you to sleep at night. Big changes are afoot, but they all need to begin with you making minute adjustments. Set yourself up for success by being as thoughtful as you can in your daily life and routines. This is the time to nurture yourself by putting in place the kinds of small changes that lead to large-scale revolutions.


This time of year always asks you to do some vigorous cleaning, clearing, and cleansing. However, this particular Aquarius Season is bound to have you stumbling across some long-forgotten but ripe and ready talent, ability, or desire. Pay close attention to what you remember, reconnect with, and find out about yourself. There is some aspect of your energy you are being asked to retrieve, an amulet that will help you swim with greater speed.

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Aquarius Season Is Begging for You to Shake Things Up (1)

Chani Nicholas


Chani Nicholas is's resident astrologer. Each month, she breaks down what the arrival of a new moon will mean for you.

Aquarius Season Is Begging for You to Shake Things Up (2024)
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